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Video of the week (Aug 8-12, 2016). Txluleta, the king of steaks. Here is Jon Ayala of Laia Erretegia in Hondarribia, Basque Country, Northern Spain. Spanish with no subtitles, but worth viewing. Note what happens to the salt and the fat.

Video of the week (Aug 15-19, 2016). Argentine philosopher-chef Francis Mallmann. Steak-savant.

Video of the week (Aug 19-26, 2016). Just lovely.

Video of the week (Aug 26-Sep 2, 2016). Traditional Tagliata, though not always with tenderloin, and not usually Czech. Don’t get me wrong, the Czechs know their steak better than most. If you’re hungry and happen to be in Prague, for instance, check out Čestr, which is a very good steakhouse and also short for Czech Fleckvieh, their famous breed of beef cattle. But I digress.

Video of the week (Sep 23-Oct 10, 2106). Here is Québec TV chef Caroline McCann with a simple supper. I don’t often marinate bavette, but McCann gets full points for her from-scratch tamarind treatment, which I’ve tried and it’s a knockout. No subtitles but easy enough to follow even if you don’t speak French.

Video of the week (Oct 10-Oct 18, 2016). The lads at Loco el Asado demonstrate the merits of grilled beef short ribs. Hardly anyone in North America would think of cooking them without braising or else a low-and-slow approach. Maybe now we will. Spanish without subtitles, but easy to follow and lots of fun.

Video of the week Oct 10-Nov 4, 2016). Beautiful bavette carpaccio treatment by fabulous Karma Cans UK.

Video of the week Nov 5-18, 2016). Big steaks absolutely need proper carving, and that means the sharpest blades you can get. Here are some knife honing basics, compliments of Zwilling J.A. Henckels.

Video of the week Nov 18-25, 2016. Matambre, which is a mash-up of “kill” and “hunger,” is an infinitely better name for stuffed, butterflied flank roll (relleno or arrollado). Argentine matambre is not strickly a flank steak, but it’s close. It’s also delicious. Here is the delightful Underground Food Collective, from Madison, WI, with their version of this Argentine mainstay.

Video of the week Nov 25-Dec 5. Steaks au poivre, by chef Pierre-Dominique Cécillon for Larousse Cuisine. Simple, fast, beautiful.