Thing-of-the-month archives

August, 2016: Opinel folding knife

Opinel makes a wide variety of blade tools but their best are their pocket knives, which stay sharp for a very long time, and have a remarkable (and remarkably simple) award-winning locking mechanism ideal for anyone cooking outdoors with slippery hands. The knives come in a range of colours and sizes. For general use (and checking on steak-doneness) the #9 knife is perfect. (Click here to link to Opinel).


September, 2016: Thermapop instant-read thermometer

Thermapop, made in the UK by Thermoworks, is a backlit, instant-read thermometer. There are versions for ovens and also the popular Thermapen, which is larger and more versatile. But I like this one the best because it’s easy to handle and more affordable.

Click photo to get to their site.

October, 2016: Universal panhandle

I found this antique on but there are modern examples too. Indispensable. Adjust pans on grill at will. Goodbye oven mitts.

November, 2016: Firebrand extra-long flat skewers

Very handy (and even necessary) for larger chunks of meat, for better handling and to avoid skewer-spin. Firebrand’s are excellent and look nifty.

December, 2016 (one of several): UCO camping grill

UCO’s camping grill is probably the most portable in the world. The Quattro is their larger version, which fits a 17×16-inch cooking area into a 17×1.75-inch rod container you could hide under your shirt. Stainless steel, with silicone grips. This is on my Christmas list if anyone is listening. They also sell a collapsible fire bowl. (Click here to get to UCO’s site).